VIP 1:1 “Get it Done” program

When you are…

Stuck inside your own head trying to figure things out;
So focused on details you cannot see the big picture;
Vision-oriented and unable to determine the details to make your vision a reality;
Discouraged by what other people say about your ideas and you’re ready to give up on them;
Distracted by busy-ness and time-suckers without achieving what’s really important to you;
Need someone to help you figure things out, get things done, and keep you accountable…

…here’s your next step.

You and I work together, 1-on-1. This is a program I’ve created that I call my VIP 1-on-1 “Get it Done” program. It’s short-term enough to honor your packed schedule, yet long enough to go deep with what you need to focus on to realize your desires, dreams, and life of significance. You’ll spend up to 3 hours with me laser-focused on your plans, and then have monthly accountability calls as follow-up to make sure you’re making progress and to course-correct when and if you need to.

My program is for you as an individual business person or leader of a small team who wants – and needs – to figure things out in one intensive day, and then will be accountable to yourself to implement the action strategies with support along the way.

You will…

  • Feel more empowered / greater self-confidence / less frustrated, disappointed
  • Get clarity / figure things out with another mind outside your own
  • Gain perspectives you cannot get staying within yourself
  • Save time / resources / money when you’ve invested in and completed my VIP 1-on-1 “Get it Done” program

We dig deep into your ideas / dreams / goals / intentions, get things up on a wall for visual reference, synthesize, prioritize, and strategize your next 1-to-3 years. We develop your action plan for implementing your strategy. You leave with specific actions to take and milestones for accountability that you can clearly follow month-to-month to make your ideas your reality and realize the income you desire.