One-Page Plan©

“Busy” is a term used with pride. Consider how valued you feel the busier you are! Yet, how much to you actually accomplish towards what you want out of life with all your busy-ness?

Day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month you experience distractions that take you away from what you really want to do; what you want to achieve to leave your legacy. You strive to reduce the distractions of daily living so you can focus on actions that are truly meaningful to you, yet somehow time passes and you still have that burn; that yearn to make the impact you know you were born to make in this world.

It’s time to change the pattern of perpetual motion to one of intentional implementation! The foundation for doing this is priorities and focus. My One-Page Plan© is the tool that creates this foundation. It gives you a blueprint for the decisions you make, the priorities you set, and the actions you take to stay on track with what’s really important to getting what you want for your life, your family, your business…your world.

You’ve got ideas for what you want and who you want to be.

I’m a systems and strategy person who makes creativity concrete. I bring my corporate IBM and AOL training and management, non-profit leadership, and business ownership experiences to you to help you get out of your own way. My One-Page Plan© is your blueprint for figuring things out, and getting things done.

1PP - Blank-to-Complete

Example of my own One-Page Plan(c) blueprint from start to finish. Yes…I practice what I guide my clients to follow!

Why develop a One-Page Plan©? You will…

  1. Prioritize, focus, and act on what is truly important to you rather than continue to allow distractions to interfere with your goals.
  2. Make better decisions about what to say “yes” to, and be able to say “no” without feeling bad or giving explanations.
  3. See your progress in a visual format that brings you clarity and inspires you to continue taking the actions you determine to get where you want to be.
  4. Stop churning, and start earning what you’re worth.