Harness bright shiny objects.
Capture squirrels.
Hold a prism to your vision & creative ideas.
Figure things out & get things done.

This is what I do and my clients & colleagues say that I do them well!
I’m gifted with a strong, balanced, well-developed left-and-right brain modality. I can work with your vision, dreams, & possibilities, move you to strategy & action plans, and then develop systems, processes, lists, to-dos, details to make things happen, and follow-up for accountability.

CEO of Springboard Training LLC & founder of the Idea Success Network, my passion is getting people to take action on their ideas. My background as a corporate trainer and manager at IBM and America Online; my Education degree from Cheyney State University and MBA from the University of Pittsburgh; leading two non-profit associations as their President; and my entrepreneurship and business ownership experiences all come together in the strategies, tools, & guidance as I partner with my clients.

I enjoy…

  • Life-long learning & discovery
  • Theater productions, movies, & books
  • Riding my motorcycle
  • Rollercoasters
  • Visits with friends
  • My life partner of 30+ years
  • My home in the Washington DC area
  • Volunteering as a Girl Scout leadership trainer
  • Dogs
  • Helping people!

Springboard Training is my professional development company. The Idea Success Network is a subsidiary and encompasses several entities – all focused on getting ideas & thoughts out and acted upon for profit & purpose.

I speak, train, facilitate, guide, & consult with clients. I’m the author several books, of which one is Hey, That’s My Idea! How to Speak Up and Get Recognized for What You Know and Think. The cable TV program that I host on MMC-TV Channel 16 is called Think About It!. My webcast is called Idea Success TV. Both focus on professional development and idea implementation journeys & guidance.

More details about qualifications, accomplishments, organizations, and experiences? You’ll find all that at my LinkedIn profile. Let me share a bit more about myself, personally, because that’s how relationships develop.

I have a lot of ideas! Some I haven’t acted on (see my Laptop SOC story), and many I’ve brought to reality. Some become valuable lessons & character-builders; others are winners & prosperity-creators.

I love life and want to experience all I can. I refuse to completely “grow up” if it means conforming to the status quo, accepting limits, not questioning, or going against my values.

I want YOU to develop your ideas to reality and I can help you do so. It all starts with a conversation…

…and you can start HERE.