One-Page Plan©

I like to keep things simple. Complicated business plans in notebooks typically live on shelves. If you’re like me, what goes on a shelf stays on a shelf, without further action. Not with my One-Page Plan(c)! I created this tool for myself and it’s the single-most-effective tool I use year after year to get things done and achieve what I set out to achieve. Ditto for my clients. Let’s get you started on yours. No matter where you are in your business or life, this can help you make magic happen…one day, week, month, and year at a time!

VIP 1:1 “Get It Done!” With Sylvia

Once you’re in action using your One-Page Plan© as your baseline, you’ll see results that lead to greater possibilities opening up for you to get things done. If only you had the partner who can help you see what you might not see yourself because you’re too close inside your own head! Or you’ve gotten messages from people around you that you’re thinking too big. Well…you’ve found that partner. Spend a day with me and we’ll bring your ideas into focus, map-out your strategy & actions beyond the short term, and put checkpoints into play that keep you moving on your journey towards your goals. I’ll be with you as your accountability partner and guide! Let’s do this, together.

Idea MindTeam© Group Action & Success

1+1=3 is like having a “third mind” with the power of intentional groups. Coaches, consultants, partners, teachers, & guides move you beyond yourself to get you out of your own head and into action. Imagine what a group of people – facilitated, structured, supportive, diverse, open-minded, & caring – bring to the table for you! You get different perspectives; hear approaches you might not think of yourself; receive feedback & encouragement that honors your goals; and can give back to others in the process. There’s a reason my groups are called “Idea MindTeams©“. Find out why, and experience the power of intentional groups!