Idea MindTeam© Group Action Program
(1+1=3…It’s Like Having a “Third Mind”)

Everyone and every business runs into hurdles. All businesses can benefit from other people who are not in each other’s business and have different ideas – alternative lenses with different ways of looking at things, and can give you perspectives and ideas that you can’t see yourself. That’s why being a part of my Idea MindTeam© program is so necessary.

When you are a member of one of my Idea MindTeams© you’re in a group with a trained facilitator and similarly-intentioned people where you share issues and challenges you can’t share with your family; exchange ideas that elevate you; alleviate mistakes you might otherwise make on your own; get exposed to possibilities you haven’t thought of.

You have access to experts who have agreed to be available to your group to help with specific issues that multiple group members experience. You have trusted educational and research resources you can get to 24:7 on your own time, for your specific needs.

What an Idea MindTeam© is not Idea MindTeams© are not coaching programs, networking and meet-up groups and events, large mastermind programs, and other short-term programs. Long-term CEO advisory boards have been in existence and successful for a reason – that such groups work – yet their membership investments are typically out of reach for the solo or service-based entrepreneur, and business start-up and early-stage founder.

Yet such programs are either effective short-term, and without a real commitment from each member they tend to end after a short time. And the very population of entrepreneurs and business owners who most need a long-term group find the CEO groups unattainable because they are either not at the business level to qualify for such groups, or the membership investments are out of the reach of their budgets.

I created Idea MindTeams© to serve and be affordable for business people like myself. In fact, I facilitate a successful Idea MindTeam© that has been in operation, month-after-month, for over two years. I know what having a mindteam has done for me personally and professionally, and I hear from my members how much they have come to count on and actually need our interaction. I want you to realize the same benefits because my passion is to help business owners make more money, avoid costly mistakes, and help their people grow and excel. This happens with the power of the group.

  Why participate in an Idea MindTeam©?

When you participate in an Idea MindTeam© you will, through the power of the group…

  • Realize savings / efficiency in operations / processes / systems / time / energy;
  • Enhance conditions (life, living, working, business, environment, community, world);
  • Eliminate more errors;
  • Help more people / give greater (or more) opportunities; and
  • Save time / resources / money.

  Why facilitate an Idea MindTeam©?

When you facilitate Idea MindTeam© you will, through your actions as a leader…

  • Experience a leadership opportunity and practice your leadership skills – especially if you are a solo practitioner in your own business;
  • Gain an alternative revenue stream due to being compensated for the administrative tasks necessary for keeping your group organized and operating smoothly;
  • Participate as an Idea MindTeam© member for your own business, gaining the perspective of others in the group just as they do;
  • Ensure your Idea MindTeam© serves the needs of your group members and know that you share in the success of everyone in the group.

If you are a business owner or service provider / expert in the $50,000—to— $300,000/year revenue range, then participating in an Idea MindTeam© is your next step for moving yourself and your team to a higher level of performance, and your business to a higher level of success realizing greater results than you can on your own.

  What’s included with the Idea MindTeam© experience?

Monthly meetings (3 hours) facilitated by a trained facilitator – 12-month commitment (in-person or virtual video calls)

  • Clear structure, guidelines, and processing steps using a proven system;
  • Core values or personality assessment for group compatibility and greater communication skills outside the group;
  • Access to experts for group consultation – experts who charge a lot for their services individually, yet make themselves available for group consultation;
  • 24:7 access to professional development programs, tools, and resources for your business growth;
  • Annual all-member events for extended connections and collaboration possibilities;
  • Facilitator training and updates – so that you are not alone in your leadership position; and
  • An alternative revenue stream (administrative compensation) for successful Facilitators.

Experience how 1+1=3 through the power of an intentional group by becoming a member of an Idea Mindteam©, or explore becoming a certified Idea Mindteam© Facilitator.