Want to know how I work with you?

First, we start with a conversation!

And here’s my four-step approach…I-D-E-A.


In order to have a positive conversation and to make the most-efficient and effective use of both of our times, I ask you to complete my simple intake form. Click on the button at the bottom of this page – “Let’s Get Started” – to open the online form. You can print it if you’d like in order to compose your answers before you enter them on the online form.

Please know that your responses remain confidential with me. The form comes directly to my email inbox and only I will see them.

After I receive your intake form, I will schedule a call with you to go over your responses and to have a conversation with you. We’ll determine whether we’re the “right fit” for each other and decide how we will proceed with working together.

I believe in relationship first!

Develop & Design

Once we determine that we’re “right” for each other, I help you develop a preliminary 3-month action plan on one page.

This allows you to see – and actually visualize – what you want to happen for you and how you will begin to turn your thoughts to reality.

It may take longer than three months to completely achieve, yet I’ve found with my clients that starting with a three-month plan is the most-effective way to be in action and move forward with baby steps towards your big dream or goal.

And I’ll be with you all the way!

(My “One-Page Plan” Blueprint)


To fully engage with me as your implementation partner, we do a deep-dive strategy session to work through your step-by-step blueprint and action plan for getting your ideas and thoughts focused and into action.

This goes beyond the three-month initial period. We continue to use your One-Page Plan(c) as a baseline for mapping out your long-term progress.

We identify how you will monetize your ideas. What’s your offering? How will you create and make sales? We’ll work through these, and many more, questions.

When the “right questions” get asked and answered, magic happens.

(VIP 1:1 “Get it Done!” Strategy Day)

Action & Accountability

You take and stay in action – with me as your partner and guide (with my follow-up). This is the primary area where people tend to get stuck, slow down, lose momentum and enthusiasm, and then let their dreams die. Let’s not let this happen!

We may determine that the power of an intentional group will be most effective for keeping you moving forward. Having people you can trust to hold you accountable, feed you different perspectives, call you out on your “stuff”, and encourage & cheer you along your way is a powerful support to your business, life, and dream. I know. I’m a part of such a group for myself. And I’ve created such platforms for my clients to participate in.

I still stay with you for accountability as you move through achieving your objectives.

We evaluate how you’re doing and where you are at times (using your One-Page Plan(c) for milestones) and determine our next levels of involvement together.

(Idea MindTeam(c) Group Action & Accountability Program)

``People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.``
~ Simon Sinek.
Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action
I keep things simple.

Step 1:  Complete the intake form. This prepares you for our 2nd step which is a conversation.

Step 2: This conversation goes deeper into understanding your idea – what’s on your mind that you need to figure out – the best way to move forward to get things done.

Step 3: Together we move you into taking all-out action, driven by the strategic action & implementation plan we craft specifically for you.